NTNU forskningskonsert: Gary Bromham & Trond Engum

  Dokkhuset Scene Lørdag 28 okt  14:00

How has digital music technology changed the way we compose, perform and produce music?

The democratization of music technology in the 1990’s has led to a massive shift in the way we create and consume music. The studio has become a mobile entity in which the artist can now typically produce a master quality recording with a laptop and a limited number of microphones and instruments.

Where the artist was once tied to going to the studio this has been reversed and the studio can now go wherever the artist chooses to be creative. How has this changed the demographic in music production and has it led to a change in the way we now approach the art of record production?

By taking examples from their own practice Gary Bromham and Trond Engum will discuss and demonstrate perspectives on how this development has changed their working strategies.

Gary Bromham is a composer, music producer and mixing engineer with 32 years experience, and is also a PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London.

Trond Engum is a composer, guitarist and musictechnologist employed at the Department of Music at NTNU.